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Sanitary Process Systems

Batch Mixing Systems & Blending

Batch Blending Systems

We design custom modular batch blending systems to accept all types of raw ingredients including dry powders, heavy concentrates, flavors, and frozen blocks. Our systems support continuous, semi-continuous, and multi-stream blending and increase batching efficiency and production by allowing process adjustments without reconfiguration. Our automated modular multi-stream blend systems are fabricated within a small footprint to facilitate easy expansion of existing systems.

Batch Mixing Systems & Blending

Thermal Process Systems

Our thermal process and pasteurization systems provide precise flow and temperature control. Our systems can heat and cool in response to the product requirements. Our designs include digital monitoring and autorun functions to optimize product quality, consistency, and yields.

Mixproof Valve Manifold System

Mixproof Valve Manifolds

We offer automated mixproof valve manifold systems and auxiliary components that allow you to route multiple ingredient, product, and/or cleaning streams to multiple destinations through a single assembly. This technology eliminates the risk of cross-contamination while significantly increasing plant capacity and flexibility.

Mixproof Valve Manifold System
Water Management Systems

Hydration Systems

We design hydration systems using an eductor or high shear mixer for dynamic and continuous batching systems. Our systems are automated to optimize product quality and consistency, while maximizing yields.

Sanitary Air Systems

We design sanitary air systems that will meet the maximum purity standards for your process. Our systems prevent the introduction of food safety hazards and provide sterile filtration of chemical, physical, and microbiological contaminates during product push and clean outs. Our compact units can be added to existing systems.

Water Management Systems

Fail-safe water make-up combined with optimal water quality is crucial when it comes to the sustainable and efficient operation of your system. We design and install leading edge filtration and water make-up systems to conserve resources while meeting quality and 3-A sanitary requirements.

We design systems that incorporate water treatment, reclaim and reuse for optimal sustainability of this critical resource. We can help you save water in cooling systems, boiler feeds, condensate recovery and CIP.